The Best Mixer Grinder in India

Last Updated: April 21, 2018

The mixer grinder is a uniquely Indian product, and it is difficult to find verifiable reviews before you make your purchase. We researched and shortlisted the top mixer grinders in India and, after two months of testing, we recommend the Preethi Steele Max MG-212, 750-watt, 3 Jar Mixer Grinder as the best mixer grinder in India for regular home use. It’s high-powered, well-made and is beautiful and compact, with multiple jar options and a two-year warranty.

The Best Mixer Grinder in India

1. Preethi Steele Max MG-212

Best mixer grinder in india-top-pick-tn-beforeibuy

Sleek, stunning, and stylish, with a brushed steel finish, this Preethi mixer grinder is one of the best-looking mixer grinders available in India. It has a 750-watt motor, comes with three very sturdy jars and has a shock proof ABS body along with a heat sensitive cut-off system. The mixie is excellent with dry grinding, and making smooth chutneys and dosa batter was effortless. Overall, this is our top pick because of the build quality and its performance.

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The Best Mixer Grinder in India: Budget Pick

2. Preethi Blue Leaf Gold

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If you are looking for a more wallet-friendly option, this is the mixer grinder for you. The Preethi Blue Leaf Gold might not look as good as some of the other models, but it gets the job done efficiently. The body is made of plastic and is shock- and rust-proof, while the jars are stainless steel. Like our top pick, this model also has a 750 watt motor and comes with three different jars, and, again, has both the heat sensitive cut-off system and the shock proof ABS body. It’s a great performer and the only downside is that it looks a bit dated.

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The Best Mixer Grinder if you live in North or Central India

Preethi is an old and reputed brand in South India, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Philips India. A big drawback, however, is that it has service centres only in eight states, all of which are in South India. Preethi has no official presence north of Maharashtra.

So, if you aren’t in one of those states, consider our alternative pick from the parent company: the Philips HL7699.

3. Philips HL7699

Best mixer grinder in india-alt-pick-tn-beforeibuy

This Philips mixer grinder has a 750W motor and three jars, and is a good performer overall. It looks simple but elegant, and has stainless steel jars which are sturdy and easy to handle. Surprisingly, though, it doesn’t have a power on light. We also found the build quality to be not as good as the Preethi models. However, Philips offers a two-year warranty and has a wide spread of service centres available across the country should you run into any problems with your device.

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Why should you buy a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder, colloquially known as a mixie, is a staple fixture in Indian kitchens. Any good mixer grinder is a multipurpose tool – it will have a range of jars, each of which performs a unique function. Standard features include a large blender jar, a grinder and a chutney jar. In essence, it’s a single unit that combines the functionality of multiple standalone devices, though at a more basic level. A mixer grinder tries to replace the following standalone gadgets:
1. Blender
2. Coffee/Spice Grinder
3. Table top Wet Stone Grinder
4. Juicer
5. Food Processor
6. Kitchen Mixer

We think that most mixer grinders do the job of dry and wet grinding and blending very well. For other specialised functions, like kneading dough, you are better off buying a dedicated machine.

Why should you trust us?

We’ve made our pick after two months extensive testing, research, talking to real users and studying reviews online. We paid attention to not just the more obvious factors like blending and grinding capabilities, but also to smaller details like noise levels, device stability and service center availability.

How should you decide which one to buy?

We considered the wide range of devices available in the market, and, apart from our own testing and research, studied reviews and feedback to reach our decision. We used the following criteria to make our decision.

  1. Wattage: The more power the mixer grinder has, the faster and finer the grinding will be. A 750-watt device is the best available option in the market today for everyday home use.
  2. Blade quality: Good quality stainless steel blades are an essential component of any mixer grinder.

Best mixer grinder in india-blade-quality-beforeibuy

  1. Noise: A big problem with these devices, especially when you up the wattage, is the amount of noise generated while grinding. We looked for mixer grinders that balance the two factors well.
  2. Design: We looked for sturdy, yet compact designs that don’t compromise on build quality while still being easy on the eye. Other features to look out for include the locking mechanism, transparent lids, and an auto shut-off and pulse function.
  3. Maintenance: A good mixer grinder should be easy to use, and easy to clean. The blades and base are always tricky areas to clean, and removable blades make that task far easier.
  4. Jars: The variety of jars offered and consistence performance of all is a big plus. You will often find mixer grinders where one jar works superlatively, while the others underperform.
  5. Service and warranty: We also considered the warranty periods of the devices and the types of warranty offered, as well as availability of service centres and spare/ replacement parts across the country.
  6. User reviews: We studied user reviews, both online and in the real world, to get long term usage feedback.

How to get the most out of your mixer grinder

1. Always place the mixer grinder on a stable, flat surface.
2. Do not use the mixer grinder continuously for over five minutes. The motors are powerful and generate a lot of heat, especially when in the pulse mode. Try and use it for no more than three to four minutes and then give it a two-minute rest so it can cool down.
3. Avoid filling more than half of the jar. Overfilling is the main reason for spillage.
best mixer grinder in india-features-beforeibuy
4. Do not grind hot ingredients.
5. While grinding tough batter, air bubbles may form, which causes the blades to rotate freely. Make it a practice to stir in intervals for smooth grinds.
6. The lids of the mixie jars have a small hole. It is important that this hole remains clear of any obstructions. If the hole is clogged, it may create a strong vacuum, making the lids difficult to remove – and if you tug too hard in such a situation, they might crack.
7. Fill the jars with soapy water and run the mixie for 30 seconds to effectively clean the jars out. Rinse and dry.
8. If the mixie turns off due to overheating or overload, turn it off immediately. Reduce the contents of the jar before resuming operation.

The Best Mixer Grinder in India

1. Preethi Steele Max MG-212

We love the way this Preethi mixer grinder looks, and that’s just one of the highlights of this model.

Best mixer grinder in india-top-pick-lead-beforeibuy

The Preethi Steele Max MG-212 has a 750-watt motor, is sold with three jars, and has a shock proof ABS body along with a heat sensitive cut-off system. The powerful motor makes dry grinding or wet grinding chutneys and the pulse mode very quick and effective. The blades rotate at around 11,500 RPM, which we found is significantly faster as compared to a mixer grinder with a 550 watt motor. However, as expected, the device is also noisier than a 550 watt mixie. This device, when used on a stable, flat surface (which is when it is most effective), produces around 85 decibels – to compare, conversation levels in restaurants typically clock in at 60dbs.

The mixer grinder comes with a rotary switch, with three speed settings as well as the pulse mode. We rarely found ourselves using the highest speed setting, which is a testament of how powerful the mixie is. The mixer grinder comes with three vacuum feet that adhere safely to your kitchen surface and reduce vibrations.

There are three jars: a 1.5 litre main jar for blending, a 1 litre middle jar for dry and wet grinding, and a 0.5 litre chutney jar for smaller quantities of grinding. The jars are definitely a highlight of this mixie. They are made of stainless steel and the handles are made of polycarbonate with a chrome finish. The jars are sturdily built and well designed, with flow-breakers – these are those grooves in the side, and what they do is ensure that whatever you’re grinding doesn’t stick to the jar sides so that the grinding is more consistent and efficient.

All three jars consistently produce good results – two to three pulses typically produces a fine grind, while one is generally sufficient if you want a coarse finish.

The jar handles are fitted on both ends giving them a very solid grip and feel. The blades are made of machine ground stainless steel, and are sharp and effective. The lids have a rubber gasket that create a seal with the jars. We actually prefer this over the lids that come with clasps, as those tend to break easily.

The Preethi Steele series comes in two variants. The more expensive Preethi Steele Supreme comes with an additional juicer jar.

Best mixer grinder in india-steel-supreme-beforeibuy

Our experience with the juicer jar was mixed. The juicer jar is essentially a transparent blender jar that has a removable stainless steel sieve and a spout for juice dispensation. The jar performed well with fruits like watermelon and even pomegranate. However, when used with fruits like orange and sweet lime, we found that a lot of the pulp is wasted and the actual juice extraction was much lower than expected. Basically, we didn’t find the additional cost to be worth it.

As mentioned before, while Preethi is a highly respected and established brand in South India, it doesn’t have a countrywide presence. So, if you’re outside its service zones, consider our alternative top pick: the Philips HL7699.

The Best Mixer Grinder in India: Budget Pick

2. Preethi Blue Leaf Gold

If you’re making the purchase on a budget, look no further than the Preethi Blue Leaf Gold.

Best mixer grinder in india-budget-pick-lead-beforeibuy

This mixer grinder isn’t good-looking, but it definitely gets the job done. It has a shock- and rust-proof plastic body and comes with three stainless steel jars. The motor, like with our other picks, runs at 750 watts, and rotates the blades at around 11,000 RPM. Like our top pick, it produces around 85db sound which isn’t too high considering the results.

You get three speed options, as well as a pulse mode, if you want precision control. The Blue Leaf Gold has three standard jars: a big 1.7 litre main jar for blending, a 0.7 litre middle jar for dry and wet grinding and a 0.5 litre chutney jar for smaller quantities of grinding. Preethi advertises a ‘flexi lid’ function for its lids, so you can add or remove volume from your jar if required. How this works is, the lids protrude into the jar and reduce the volume. This is very handy if you want to grind small quantities of masala or chutney.

The jars are well built and perform well, have flow-breakers and come with sturdy handles, although they aren’t as good as our top pick. Like with our top pick, this mixer grinder has vacuum feet that, when placed on a flat surface, adhere safely to provide stability and reduce vibrations.

The Preethi Blue Leaf line is one of Preethi’s most successful ranges, and comes in four more variants:

1. The cheaper Preethi Blue Leaf Silver: This is a 600 watt mixer grinder, which is why it wasn’t considered.
2. The Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond: This one is similar to the Gold variant and is also cheaper. However, it comes with a smaller main jar. The main jar is 1.5 litres and the other two jars are 0.75 litres and 0.5 litres. Additionally, the jars follow their older design without flow-breakers, and we prefer the jars of the Gold series. If the Gold is also over budget for you, the Diamond is what you should choose.
3. The Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum: This is a four-jar mixer grinder and comes with an additional juicer jar. We didn’t find the juicer very useful and don’t recommend paying the premium price for it.
4. The Preethi MG214 Blue Leaf Expert: This variant comes with a food processor and an atta kneader. The additional price is for these attachments. We found the atta kneader function useless as the machine spins the atta at the same speed as the regular mixie. It’s more of a hard thrashing than the soft, slow kneading that atta requires.

To summarise, like our top pick, this model also has a 750-watt motor, comes with three different jars and has a shock proof ABS body along with a heat sensitive cut-off system. It’s a great performer and one of the only downsides is that it looks a bit dated. If on a budget go for this model.

The Best Mixer Grinder if you live in North or Central India

If you live beyond the scope of Preethi’s official service centres and don’t want to take a risk purchasing a device without warranty and a compatible service centre, this is the mixer grinder for you.

Philips HL7699 750-watt 3 jar Mixer Grinder

The Philips HL7699 is a 750-watt, three jar mixer grinder, and is part of Philips’ Viva Collection. It comes with three well-built stainless steel jars and is a good workhorse.

Best mixer grinder in india-alt-pick-lead-beforeibuy

The mixer grinder has a sturdy ABS body and has a heat sensitive auto cut-off system. There’s a 1.75 litre main jar for blending, a 1 litre middle jar for dry and wet grinding and a 0.5 litre chutney jar for grinding smaller amounts. The jars, which have flow-breakers, are made of stainless steel and the handles are made of polycarbonate.
The jar handles are fitted well and seem sturdy on initial handling. However, we’ve come across many reports that claim the handles come off when used to turn the jar. The sealing system used for the lids is a rubber gasket, which we prefer over the external clasps, which tend to break easily.
This Philips model sports a standard rotary switch with three speeds as well as a pulse mode. Like with all our other recommendations, it features vacuum feet that provide stability and cuts down on vibration when used on a flat surface.
Now, for the drawbacks. Surprisingly, there’s no power-on light on the Philips HL7699. We aren’t sure why, as we consider this an important safety feature – without it, there is no way to know that the mixie is actually receiving power. Additionally, we found the overall build quality is not as good as the Preethi models.

However, you do get a two-year warranty, and Philips has service centres located all across the country, should you run into any problems with your device. The jars are easy to clean and maintain, too. It’s not too noisy and performed well in all grinding tests. Even so, issues like the missing power-on light and the not-so-sturdy handles make it fall short of our top pick.

When should you buy a blender?

Best Mixer Grinder in India-blender-Beforeibuy
If you aren’t looking for one purchase that can take care of your blending, grinding and juicing needs, you can consider a blender. There are two basic types of blenders – stationary blenders and immersion blenders. A stationary blender is essentially your mixer-grinder’s primary jar; it typically has a fixed blade in a standard jar, and can be used to puree or process solids and semi-solids. Immersion blenders, or hand blenders, don’t have a standard container or jar that you need to use them in, as the motor is at the head of the shaft you operate by hand. These can be used to blend food in whatever container you’d like. Some immersion blender models come with multiple blade options such as whips and larger choppers. Immersion blenders, while compact and convenient for smaller amounts of food, can get cumbersome to use, as you have to manually hold down the button for as long as the blending or chopping process takes.

We recommend purchasing a mixer grinder over a blender as they are built to meet the everyday needs of an average Indian kitchen, and you will only need to obtain one appliance instead of two or three. However, if you don’t make your own spice mixes or chutneys, an immersion blender might be the right buy for you.

When should you buy a food processor?

Best Mixer Grinder in India-foodprocessor-Beforeibuy
Unlike the traditional mixer-grinders, a food processor, which is more commonly used internationally, is a device that often comes with interchangeable blades to help with kitchen tasks like mashing, chopping – both coarse and fine, pureeing and sometimes even kneading dough. In fact, mixies follow the same model, although with separate containers for the different functions. Food processors can be either manual, with a hand crank or lever that you need to operate to process the food, or electric.
A big reason why most food processors haven’t really caught on in the Indian market, apart from the relatively higher price point, is the fact that most options don’t perform a very fine grind, which doesn’t serve the purpose for Indian cooking.


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