The Best Wireless Mouse in India

Best USB Flash drives

USB flash drives are small, spacious and incredibly versatile. They come in various sizes and shapes and there are thousands of models. While literally any flash drive will work, what makes a flash drive good are fast read/write speeds, durability and price. After around 15 hours of research and tests, we pick two of the best USB drives.

Best Wifi Router

Buying a router means wading through a confusing world of mystical numbers and features. After 4 months of research, testing and comparing routers across budgets, we pick the best routers in India and aim to de-mystify the jargons.

Best Laptops in India

Some say that laptops are dying and that tablets can do everything. We'll we aren't quite there as yet and for most people a laptop with a full keyboard and a big screen are essential. Uses of laptops range from business, graphic design, college projects, gaming to home entertainment and we pick the best in each category.