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Last Updated: February 14, 2018

Looking to get a new washing machine? According to us and most experts, the best washing machine is a front-loading washing machine.  However, they are expensive, need proper water in-flow force and some people don’t like to bend while loading. This review picks the best value for money top loading washing machines.

After nearly 100 hours of research, and speaking to experts and real users in addition to looking at reviews online, our top pick is the Whirlpool 7.5kg 360° Ultimate Care, and the budget pick is the Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra.


The Best Top-Loading Washing Machine in India

1. Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Ultimate Care Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (7.5kg)


The Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash is one of the best rated washing machines in India. It looks good, cleans well and uses less water than other top-loaders. The tumbling motion is gentle and tries to replicate the motion of a front load. It is one of the very few top-loading washing machines with a built-in heater system. It’s well priced, and Whirlpool backs it up with a two-year warranty on the unit and 10 years on the motor.

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2. Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra (7kg)

whirlpool ultra rs

If you are on budget, the Whirlpool Stainwash series is your best bet. The Stainwash Ultra doesn’t have the tumble motion of the 360° but features an in-built heater. It’s very well rated, and provides the best bang for your buck in a top load. The warranty, again, is for two years on the unit, and 10 years on the motor.

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Why should you trust us?

We’ve arrived at our results after nearly 100 hours of research, speaking to experts and real users and studying reviews online. While we don’t have a facility at which to test washing machines side-by-side, we listed the must-have parameters and then shortlisted the machines. We then cross-checked our picks with user reviews, expert opinions, warranty, service centre coverage, etc and arrived at our top-picks.

How should you decide which one to buy? 

There are quite a few factors to keep in mind while purchasing a washing machine, including budget, storage space and the water quality where you live. However, these are the primary parameters we considered while making our pick.

1. Wash quality
The wash quality assessed based on user feedback, the real life washing performance of the machine.

2. Spin cycle speed (RPM)
The higher the RPM the better the drying.

3. Hot water supply
Hot water helps getting cleaner clothes, fights stubborn stains and also removed residual detergent after wash.

4. Warranty and service
Generally a washing machine is a long term buy. We gave extra points to companies willing to give more warranty and options to extend warranties.

Should I buy a Top-loading Washing Machine?

The only reason to buy a top-loader is if you don’t have the budget for a good front-loading washing machine. That said, a bad front loader won’t differ much from a good top-loading washing machine. Read our best washing machine guide to learn about the best front-loaders.

Front loading washing machines work by gently tumbling the clothes through water, whereas top-load washing machines either have an agitator or an impeller, which creates turbulence in the water by spinning. If you do want to buy a top-loader, stay away from top-loaders with a pole agitator, which slowly pulls parts your clothes.


The main differences between a front and a top-loading machine are:

  1. You get a better wash with front loaders. The wash is gentler and uses lesser water.
  2. Top-loaders are cheaper but are generally harsher on clothes. They also use a lot more water. Clothes also tend to get more entangled with top-loaders.
  3. Slightly warm water helps remove dirt from clothes better. Many front loaders have a hot water wash, so you don’t need to add hot water separately (our pick for best top-loading washing machine has a hot water wash option).
  4. Top loaders usually spin at 500 to 600 RPM, and front loaders, like the ones we have chosen, go up to 1,200 RPM. This means your clothes come out with less water and almost dry. This reduces drying time.
  5. Front loaders are quieter, and don’t create loud noise while the machine is on, like top loaders.
  6. The wash cycles is shorter on top-loaders. Similar wash loads can be finished in half the time as compared to front-loaders.
  7. With top-loaders, it’s easy to add clothes once a cycle has started. In front loaders, once the process starts you generally can’t interrupt the cycle.


What capacity should I buy?

Generally, a bigger washing machine means you need to wash less. Typically, a family of three requires a 6kg to 7kg option, while a family of four should opt for a 7kg or 8kg machine.

With normal use, a 7kg washing machine should be enough for 2 pairs of adult jeans; 1 pair of children’s jeans; 3 shirts and (household items) 2 bed sheets; 2 pillowcases; 3 dish towels; 3 small towels.

Since these machines are expected to last for 10 years or more, we think a 7kg or 8kg washing machine is the ideal size for most small families. A 6kg to 6.5kg option means you’ll end up washing three times a week. Additionally, unless you want to keep the washing machine for under 10 years, the bigger the better.


The Best Top-Loading Washing Machine for Most People

1. Whirlpool 360° Ultimate Care Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (7.5kg)

The Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash is one of the best rated top-loading washing machines in India. It looks good, cleans well and uses less water than other top-loaders in the market.

whirlpool 360_l

The 360° Tumble Motion is gentle and tries to replicate the motion of a front-loader, and washes clothes in many rotations which help the clothes gently rub against each other for better results. It is one of the very few top-loading washing machines with a built-in heater system. The clothes are soaked in a hot detergent mix prior to washing, which shakes loose tougher dirt. It also uses a warm water rinse that has your clothes coming out of the machine feeling soft and fresh. This also ensures that clothes have no detergent residue – a problem that is observed in many top loaders.

The Whirlpool Bloomwash has tonnes of features and buttons in the display panel. The machine has 12 presets through which you can select the washing type, including daily, heavy, delicate, white, woollens and bedsheets. It also has drying options like gentle, normal and power dry. A regular wash cycle takes around 60 minutes to complete. It also has an option to select hard water wash, which is useful if your water source is hard. It has a separate fabric softener dispenser that automatically dispenses softener in the last rinse cycle.

The spin cycle goes up to 740 RPM and is one of the fastest among top-loading washing machines. Noise levels are high – well above most front loaders – however, it is not more than the noise produced by other top-loading machines.

This washing machine is priced well, and Whirlpool backs it up with a two-year warranty on the unit and 10 years on the motor and wash plate. Whirlpool also gives you the option of extending the warranty. The extended warranty covers the compressor, sealed system – gas charging, thermostat, capillary, fan motor, relay, dryer, timer and thermal fuse and costs Rs 3,655 a year. Whirlpool has a wide service network and we have heard only good things about the time taken for delivery and installation.


2. Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra (7 KG)

The Whirlpool 360° Stainwash is step down from the 360° Bloomwash models. The Stainwash Ultra doesn’t have the tumble motion of the 360°, but does have the water heater. It’s very well rated, though, and is the best budget option in the top-loading washing machine range currently available in the market.

whirlpool ultra_l

Whirlpool’s are among the very few top-loading washing machines with a built-in heater system. In this model, too, your clothes are soaked in a hot detergent solution before the wash cycle for better cleaning, and the cycle ends with a warm water rinse. And, again, it eliminates the detergent residue issue that users of other top-loading machines often face.

It has most of the preset options like the 360° Ultimate Care series and you can choose the type of wash you require from among them. However, it doesn’t give you drying options. A regular wash cycle takes around 60 minutes to complete. It also has an option to clean using hard water. Like the 360° Ultimate Care series, there’s also a separate softener dispenser that dispenses softener during the rinse cycle.

The spin cycle goes up to 710 RPM, which is slightly lower than the 360° Ultimate Care. Noise levels are comparable to the higher-end model, and, again, is higher than front-loading machines while staying similar to other top-load options.

The warranty terms for this model, too, stay the same as our top pick, with a two-year warranty on the unit, and 10 years on the wash plate and motor, with the choice to sign up for an extended warranty that covers the compressor, sealed system – gas charging, dryer, capillary, relay, thermostat, fan motor, thermal fuse and timer. This extended warranty will cost you Rs 3,030 a year.


What about other models? 

Whirlpool is the only company that currently has models with hot water heaters in their range of top-loading washing machines, which is why both our picks are Whirlpool. While Samsung and LG have good models, we think the hot water wash gives our top picks an extra edge. However, you can also consider:

1. LG T8077TEELK


This LG model is a great performer. It is full of features and comes with inverter technology that is energy efficient. The turbodrum provides a very good wash by moving clothes in several directions. The design is appealing – we like the soft-closing lid – and there are other nifty features like the auto-restart, which lets you resume washing from where it was stopped. As mentioned, this model doesn’t have a water heating function – a drawback, since clothes washed in warm water tend to be cleaner. This series, starting from T8077, comes in a range of colours, and is sold with a two-year product warranty and a 10-year motor warranty.

2. Samsung WA70M4400HV


The first thing you will notice about this Samsung top-loading washing machine is the sink that’s built in under the lid. Samsung says this is for quickly hand-washing stubborn stains before loading your wash. It also has a water-jet on the side to facilitate this. While this feature seems useful, it’s one we rarely actually ended up using. Other than this, this Samsung model offers multi directional washing and a diamond drum that’s gentle on your clothes. It also has a lid that closes softly. As with the LG machine, this too doesn’t heat water, which is a big drawback. However, Samsung offers an industry-leading three-year product warranty, and a 10-year warranty on the motor, which is better than any other option on our list.



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