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Last Updated: August 8, 2017

After more than 30 hours of testing, ironing in our homes and researching the best irons in India and internationally we can say that the Philips GC2048 Steam Iron is one of the best irons for most people! Read our Best Clothing Iron buying guide to understand the how to pick your iron.

The Best Clothing Iron

1. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron – Budget Pick



The Philips EasySpeed model is a lightweight iron that is powerful enough and makes ironing effortless. The iron has a powerful steam function, is leak proof and has auto-off function that is great. This is a light weight steam iron, perfect for occasional home-use and we think it provides great value without breaking the bank.

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2. Perfect Care Azur Steam Iron – Top Pick


The Perfect Care Azur is a revolution in Ironing technology, the “Smart” Iron lets you Iron any type of garment from silk to cotton , to linen to Cashmere without adjusting the temperature. It’s expensive, but is a perfect iron for those who iron a lot daily.

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How did we select our Iron? 

We researched all the latest models, both in India and abroad to see what are the must have features in an Iron.  We also looked at user reviews and feedback to match with our shortlists.

The criteria for an iron to get shortlisted was:

1. Watts  – Watts determine how quickly an iron can heat and generate steam – More power means more efficient ironing. The cutoff we kept for watts in an iron was a minimum of 1800 watts. This power typically gets an iron heated and ready in a minutes time.

2.  Steam – Heat relaxes fibers enough that the iron’s steam and pressure can then push them into submission. A minimum of 30gms per second is the recommended range. Look for large number and even coverage of steam holes in the sole plate.

3. Auto Power off- Auto power off switches off the iron when not in use. This prevents accident of  clothes burning or hands burning when you don’t realise that the iron was left on.

4. Leak Proof – Theres nothing worse that water leaking out of an iron and getting your clothes fully wet. A leak proof design is a must.

5. Steam burst feature – To take care of difficult wrinkles.

6. Anti-drip and anti-calcification – Over time, steam irons will start to build up calc or scale – this happens in all electrical appliances that use water. This is especially true with Hard Water (where water has excess calcium and magnesium). If water is hard, scale impurities will develop and solidify. Thus anti-calicification becomes important A symptom of scale build-up is white/brown stains coming through the sole-plate.

7. Price

8. User reviews

We eliminated models based on the above parameters and finally based on the price and reviews arrived at the best model.

The Best Budget Clothing Iron


1. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron


We picked this Iron because of the performance it gives at the price. Its not the best iron in the market, but we think that it delivers stellar performance at a affordable price tag. The Triple precision tip, even heat distribution across the ceramic soleplate , the high power steam all make it a good performer.

This is a 2300 Watt Iron and thus enables constant high steam output. The iron has a Continuous steam output of up to 35 g/min that is sufficient amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases. It also has a 120 g steam boost mode that enables you to easily remove even the most stubborn creases. The ceramic soleplate is smooth and scratch ressitant, glides well and easy to clean. This Philips iron has a vertical steam function, for ironing fabrics while they are hanging, for example – curtains.

There are a few useful features in the iron. The auto-off feature turns off the iron when it is left unused for a while – If it is left on it’s heelrest it will switch off in 8 minutes. When left on the soleplate or on the side, it only takes 30 seconds before the iron shuts off. The drip stop system ensures no staining of delicate fabrics due to water droplets. The water tank capacity os 270 ml which is good enough for an average session of ironing. The ant-scale function means the iron makes it easy to remove any built-up scale and thus it can be used even with hard-water.

We liked the overall design. The heelrest is large, which gives added stability when it is resting in a vertical position. The soleplate design ensures even distribution of steam across the soleplate. Thus you need lesser strokes of the iron and thus save time.

While a one-year warranty is common, Philips provides this iron with a 2 Years Warranty.

This is a light weight steam iron, perfect for occasional home-use and we think it provides great value without breaking the bank.



1. Light Weight

2. Auto -Off makes it safe

3. Easy to maintain and clean


1. Not as powerful as some more expensive models

2. Not very effective with Linen clothes



The Best Top end Iron

Perfect Care Azur Stream Iron

 philips perfect

The Perfect Care Azur is a revolution in Ironing technology, the “Smart” Iron lets you Iron any type of garment, from silk to cotton , to linen to Cashmere without adjusting the temperature. The iron has a Smart Control Processor that sets the right temperature depending on the fabric. It works really well in real life and we didn’t find any cases of fabric burn – however we did notice that the iron was sometimes not as hot as we would have liked. This was easily solved by using the steam boost mode.

This is a 2400 W iron for fast heat up and powerful performance. It is capable of Continuous steam output of up to 45 g/min gives you the perfect amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases. The stream boost mode delivers a boost of upto 180gms for vertical steaming and tough creases.

The T-ionic soleplate has a functional design that includes vent holes to distribute steam evenly. The iron is Tap-water friendly with anti-calc features built in. It also has a well-design auto-off function where the iron will shut automatically within three minutes if left unused on its heel rest and two minutes if left resting on its soleplate.

The water tank capacity holds 350 ml, enough for one round of ironing for most people.

Philips provides this iron with a 2 Years Warranty .

With this iron, there is no need to adjust and wait for temperature changes. You can iron all garments non-stop. If you iron daily and want the best in the market, we recommend going for this.


1. Well built

2. Auto -Off makes it safe

3. Self – regulating temperature


1. Long time to heat up



Use and care 

Water dripping : One of the reasons for water dripping from your iron is that the iron is not hot enough to steam. If you have set the temperature too low, instead of producing steam, Irons can drip and spill water from the sole plate. Wait for the iron until it is ready to steam before you turn on the steam function. If you are ironing on cooler settings, turn off the steam or iron without water to avoid leakage.

Calc Clean : Whichever iron you end up with, take a minute to read the manual.Water seems to cause most of the problems. According to Consumer Reports, almost all irons are designed for tap water these days, but you need to read the manual to confirm what your iron requires. Both the irons have a self cleaning machines. Philips recommends cleaning them atleast once a month. The Calc-Clean function removes scale and impurities.


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