About Us

What is beforeibuy ? 

Hello there 🙂

Beforeibuy is a list of the best things to buy for those who do not wish to spend hours and days figuring out what to buy. At Beforeibuy, our mission is to make buying easy. We wish to be that geeky friend you ask – hey what product do you think I should buy ? We recommend products that are across price ranges so that you can find one that fits your budget and need.

There is a overwhelming choice in almost every product category today and we think its great for customers. However most product categories are filled with a slew of marketing jargons and a wide range of offerings and for a proper decision – one which gives you maximum value for your hard earned money, you’ll need to devote weeks of research to it.

We love doing this kind of research. We love getting to the root of How stuff works and breaking it down into simple guides. We recommend what to buy after spending hundreds of hours researching and reviewing products across categories. We only recommend things that we absolutely love and are completely sure about.

Most of the products we recommend are not the most expensive ones. We aim for maximum bang for buck where the features and the price are just right.


Why should you trust us ? 

We have a team of writers who are passionate about their work. These are a bunch of geeks, nerds and modern day detectives who love getting to the root of things. We also work with experienced writers, researchers and engineers who give us the technical guidance on products.

The team recommend products after hundreds of hours of research. Our research process includes real life testing, reading other expert opinions, going through user reviews and feedback.  In some cases we get category experts to consult with us and be part of the research. We are unbiased, ethical and open in our decision process. We also cite sources and give references incase you wish to research more. We are also open to feedback from all of you since we do see it as community effort.

We have one expert article instead of hundreds of clickbait articles that are assembled in a few hours. We spend so many hours because it is important for us to have your trust. We want you to recommend us to your friends and family.


What’s our buying philosophy ? 

We don’t think there is one product which fits all, nor do we think that the best products are always the most expensive. That being said here are a few things that make up our buying philosophy.

1. If you use it daily / frequently, buy the best you can afford.

2. Set a budget before you buy.

3. Buy less but buy better.

4. Be a smart shopper.


How do you make money ?

We make money through the “Buy” links of the website. Incase you like our review and wish to buy it, you can click the link next to the article and purchase. We get a small percentage from the website as affiliate revenue. To support us simply click on the links provided before your purchase.

We also make some money from advertising, but never from sponsored articles or advertorials.


How to Support us ?

If you like our work and our reviews, simply buy the products using our links. We’ll get a small affiliate commission from that.  Also help us spread the work by sharing our work with your friends.


Who are we affiliated with ?

We currently are Affiliates of Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.


How are you different from all the other tech / review websites ?

Most other sites review all products that are launched and it is left to the users to read through dozens of reviews from multiple sources and go through user feedback to finally make up their mind on what to buy. We aim to make the process easier for you by doing the research for you.

Most of the current tech / review websites work on a model of advertising where they have to generate multiple poorly written articles every day to get more page views. Practically speaking even if there is a good review, it gets lost pretty quick in the clutter and a 6 month old review will be difficult to find. Also once an article is “archived” its never updated and a newer model launched or a defect found later might change everything written in the previous article. However none of this is ever updated and the user is expected to actually read everything to make sense.

We think this approach is great for daily content but is not helpful at all when you wish to buy something. Hence we have one article for one category that is always updated based on the current situation.

If we recommend a model and subsequently change it for another newer model, You don’t have to read through both articles – there will only be one – “The Best Android mobile “ article on the website.


What if we miss out on a product ?

If we have not done a review of a product that you wish to buy, feel free to mail us at editor@beforeibuy.in or tweet us @beforeibuy and well try and help you out.


Did you find an error ?

If you do find us missing out on an important feature or find an error somewhere , feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and fix our mistakes.


What’s the best way to find out when you’ve updated beforeibuy ?

RSS, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, you can sign up for our email newsletter.


– Satyajit Nair. Editor, BeforeIBuy.